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Looking for authentic Chinese cuisine? Head to Ming House on 25 Pleasant Street in Berlin, NH. Enjoy General Tso's Chicken and Vegan Kung Pao Tofu among other popular dishes. The cozy ambiance and vibrant menu with local ingredients make every visit special. Don't forget about their online ordering for delivery or pickup to savor these flavors at home. If you want to discover more about their traditional Chinese decor, exceptional service, and catering options, keep exploring what Ming House has to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • Located at 25 Pleasant Street in a vibrant community
  • Offers signature dishes like General Tso's Chicken
  • Provides vegan options like Kung Pao Tofu
  • Online ordering for delivery or pickup available
  • Catering services offered for events

Location and Hours

location and operating hours

You can find Ming House Berlin NH located at 25 Pleasant Street, open from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm every day except Tuesdays. This Chinese restaurant is nestled in a vibrant local community, surrounded by charming shops and friendly faces. Nearby attractions like the picturesque park just a block away or the historic museum down the street offer a perfect pre or post-meal stroll.

Throughout the year, Ming House Berlin NH hosts special events and seasonal promotions to engage with the community and provide exciting dining experiences. From Chinese New Year celebrations to summer patio parties, there's always something happening at Ming House. Keep an eye out for their seasonal menu offerings that feature fresh, locally sourced ingredients prepared with traditional Chinese flair.

Whether you're a local looking for a delicious meal or a visitor exploring the area, Ming House Berlin NH welcomes you to enjoy their authentic Chinese cuisine and warm hospitality.

Popular Menu Items

Explore the enticing array of popular menu items at Ming House Berlin NH, showcasing a delectable fusion of traditional Chinese flavors and innovative culinary creations. Among the signature dishes that customers rave about are the mouthwatering General Tso's Chicken, bursting with a perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavors, and the savory Beef and Broccoli stir-fry, a classic favorite that never disappoints.

For those seeking vegan options, Ming House offers a delightful Vegan Kung Pao Tofu dish, packed with bold flavors and crunchy vegetables, as well as a flavorful Vegetable Lo Mein that will satisfy your cravings for a hearty and plant-based meal.

In addition to these favorites, the menu at Ming House Berlin NH also features an array of other delectable options, such as the popular Shrimp Fried Rice and the aromatic Mongolian Beef. Whether you're a meat lover, a vegetarian, or a vegan, there's something for everyone to enjoy at Ming House.

Dining Experience

memorable dining experience described

During your dining experience at Ming House Berlin NH, you can expect a welcoming atmosphere and attentive service that enhances your enjoyment of the flavorful dishes. The ambiance at Ming House is cozy and inviting, with traditional Chinese decor that sets the stage for an authentic dining experience. The staff prides themselves on providing exceptional service, ensuring that your needs are met promptly and with a smile.

When it comes to authenticity, Ming House shines with its commitment to traditional Chinese cooking methods and ingredients. Each dish is crafted with care, staying true to the roots of Chinese cuisine. The flavors that you'll encounter are bold and rich, showcasing the depth of Chinese culinary traditions.

The combination of a warm ambiance, outstanding service, authentic dishes, and vibrant flavors creates a dining experience at Ming House that's truly memorable.

Whether you're a seasoned fan of Chinese cuisine or new to the flavors of the East, Ming House promises a dining experience that will delight your senses.

Online Ordering Options

For added convenience, Ming House Berlin NH offers efficient online ordering options for customers looking to enjoy their flavorful dishes from the comfort of their own homes.

When it comes to delivery options, Ming House Berlin NH provides both pickup and delivery services. Customers can choose to have their orders delivered right to their doorstep or opt for quick and easy pickup if they're in a hurry.

In terms of payment methods, Ming House Berlin NH accepts various options such as credit/debit cards and online payment platforms for a seamless checkout experience. The ordering process is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing customers to browse the menu, select their desired items, and customize their orders as needed.

Moreover, Ming House Berlin NH provides excellent customer support for online orders. If customers have any questions or encounter any issues during the ordering process, they can easily reach out to the customer support team for assistance.

With a focus on convenience and customer satisfaction, Ming House Berlin NH's online ordering options make enjoying their delicious cuisine a breeze.

Catering Services Available

catering services for events

If you're planning an event and in need of exceptional catering services, Ming House Berlin NH has you covered with a diverse selection of delicious options to impress your guests.

For special events ranging from corporate gatherings to family celebrations, Ming House Berlin NH offers custom menus tailored to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you're hosting a business luncheon, a birthday party, or a wedding reception, Ming House Berlin NH's catering services can help elevate your event with their delectable dishes and impeccable presentation.

From savory appetizers to mouth-watering entrees and delightful desserts, their menu options are sure to satisfy a variety of tastes and dietary requirements.

Customer Reviews

When browsing through customer reviews of Ming House Berlin NH, you'll find valuable insights into the dining experience at this establishment. Many customers praise the exceptional service quality provided by the staff at Ming House. Reviewers often highlight the friendly and attentive nature of the servers, making dining at the restaurant a pleasant experience.

Additionally, the food variety at Ming House receives high marks from patrons. Customers appreciate the extensive menu options available, catering to diverse preferences and dietary restrictions. From traditional Chinese dishes to modern fusion creations, there's something for everyone to enjoy at Ming House.


Overall, Ming House in Berlin, NH is a popular spot for delicious Chinese cuisine.

With a variety of menu options, convenient online ordering, and catering services available, Ming House has something for everyone.

Whether you're dining in or taking food to go, you can expect a satisfying experience at this local restaurant.

Don't miss out on trying their popular menu items and see for yourself why customers rave about Ming House.

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